Friday, December 4, 2009

The Smurfette of standardized testing

"raybobdotcom: tests are gay
raybobdotcom: the end
SmileyJess13: i was unaware thats tests possess sexuality
SmileyJess13: did i seriously just say that?
raybobdotcom: yup
raybobdotcom: and they're male
raybobdotcom: and they love other male tests
raybobdotcom: you did say that
raybobdotcom: i loved it
SmileyJess13: well if they are all male
raybobdotcom: i wanna marry it
SmileyJess13: theyd have to be gay
SmileyJess13: hrmmm its a mystery lol
SmileyJess13: ((and so's mankind))
raybobdotcom: no i've worked it all out
raybobdotcom: its like the smurfs
raybobdotcom: where they're all boys except for smurfette
raybobdotcom: we'll say that ... ctbs is the smurfette of standardized testing
raybobdotcom: just because no one cares about that one"
(Oct. 21, 2003, smileyjess)

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