Monday, February 22, 2010

The Damon Lindelof of nursing

"Ashley, like all nursing students (I dated one for 3 years) seems to think veiny arms = health, when there's alot of emaciated people with very veiny arms, or people on drugs with veiny arms. As a nursing student, she also appreciates the veins so she can practice running IVs and administering drugs, etc. There might be one more reason why she thinks veiny arms on a man are indicative of something but lets not go there this is a family friendly website!

But trust me, I dated a nurse so I know all there is to know about them! I am the Damon Lindelof of nursing, if nursing was time travel. Wait.. that didn't come out right. Nevermind. Did I just say all this out loud?"
(Oct. 14, 2009, Dark UFO)

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