Friday, March 18, 2011

The LL Cool J of heart attacks

"I think we should stop calling it a 'heart attack'. It's so VIOLENT. We should call it a coronary artery blockage, or something else... something specific. Heart attack is so scary. At some point during your heart attack, someone is going to tell you that you are 'having a heart attack,' and who wants to hear that? When you get cirrhosis they don't call it a 'Liver Attack'. I guess heart attack must feel like you are being attacked. I just know I am going to have a heart attack, and this is what I am going to be thinking about. I'll be the L.L. Cool J of Heart Attacks (don't call it a comeback!). If you're so tough, LL, why are you quibbling over semantics?"
(March 20, 2009, Frank Lloyd Wrong)

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