Monday, May 16, 2011

The Jay and Silent Bob of the Bible

"Needless to say, this book is hilarious. Moore writes with an elegant wit and biting sarcasm that I both tremendously enjoy and envy. I found myself laughing out loud more than once, usually at Biff’s shenanigans or when Joshua uses sarcasm against him (Biff feels that, as the inventor of the lowest form of wit, no one should be allowed to use it against him. Clearly that doesn’t happen). Between the laughs, Moore has created a deep, passionate friendship between these two characters. Through Biff’s eyes, it becomes a little clearer why people loved this dude named Joshua so much. He’s flawed, has a foul mouth and some pretty clever insults, but he’s a loveable guy. These two are like, the Jay and Silent Bob of the bible – hetero life mates and best buds. And this incredible friendship makes the inevitably sad ending of the book that much more heartbreaking. It’s beautiful."
(July 28, 2010, My Life as Rach)

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