Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Shia LaBeouf of dinosaurs

"Goddamn velociraptor! You remember the fizzy dinosaur egg from the other day? Well here's another one, except this one was orange and doubly fizzy (and refreshing). Inside, lying in wait was the most evil and clever bastard of all dinosaurs, the raptor. We really should thank the real Stephen Spielberg for this, because prior to Jurassic Park, nobody knew what the hell a velociraptor was. But now, thanks to Stephen Spielberg, they are among the most famous of dinosaurs. This makes the velociraptor the Shia LaBeouf of dinosaurs. In fact, before Jurassic Park, they were known as VelociCRAPtors."
(Dec 21, 2008, Luke Milton Writes)

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