Friday, July 9, 2010

The Homer Simpson of apostles

"My favorite apostle has to be Peter. Peter is, without a doubt, the Homer Simpson of apostles. He is constantly screwing up and you can just imagine him saying, 'D'oh!' every time. The day after Christ was crucified, He decides to go fishing. This makes me laugh because Peter is a horrible fisherman. Everytime in the bible when he goes fishing, he never catches anything. This time is no different. Him and a few other disciples spend that day and the next night fishing and catch NOTHING! Then, on Easter morning, some guy comes and walks up to the shore and says, "Hey, try throwing your net out over the other side of the boat. Miraculously, they catch 153 fish, nearly destroying the net. Peter, being one of the only apostles to recognize Jesus, puts all of his clothes on and actually jumps into the water and swims to shore. Then him and Christ ate breakfast together."
(April 10, 2005, philly2themax, Livejournal)

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