Monday, July 26, 2010

The Jim and Pam of tempura

"Complete and utter perfection. And my favorite bite all night. The delicately peeled cherry tomato was at the sweet red height of its ripeness, exactly as warm as one just plucked off a sun-soaked vine, lightly clothed in a fall jacket of tempura and a cap of pungent green wasabi, dusted with a snowfall of sea salt. I never would have thought this flavor combination could work so well. But the tomato and wasabi have great chemistry – the Jim and Pam of tempura, if you will. (Oh how I miss The Office!) Her simple sweetness, his kick of feistiness. A perfect (and completely adorable, don’t you think?) pair."
(Dec. 7, 2009, Kate French, Catalan Cookery)

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