Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Karen Carpenter of the vampire world

"That’s bad enough. The fact that Bella, with no ethical qualms whatsoever, wants to be a vampire herself is worse. Bella herself wants to be a killer. (This is fairly ridiculous, since the heroine literally faints at the sight of blood in biology class. Apparently, she’d wind up being the Karen Carpenter of the vampire world.) One fundamental difference, though, between Bella and a serial killer like Bundy or Dahmer or a fictional one like Dexter, is that serial killers are largely born that way. Bella, though, has a choice."
(June 3, 2008, Lorem Ipsum)

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  1. I'm confused. Bella? I was sure we were talking about that ur-vampire, Mr. Lugosi. But of course he was a one-L Bela. And this one is a she. And apparently a character in a novel. But getting to the main point, who says Karen Carpenter was frightened by blood? Show me the evidence.

    Thank you.