Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Clark Kent of crapping at work

"I am the clark kent of crapping at work. If I’m taking a dump and someone who obviously doesn’t follow my rule above comes in and starts crapping, I’ll wait him out. He will come and go, and I may learn his identity when he leaves but he’ll never learn mine unless he remembers my shoes. Oh hey Bob from accounting, nice splatter echo. Glad you could share that. Never talk to me again. I’ve had guys try to wait me out, but they didn’t know who they were dealing with. They are clearly outmatched. I will die on that toilet if necessary. The longest I’ve ever had to wait is 35 minutes and there was a sports section in there to pass the time. I realize that I could possibly run into a string of several crappers in a row and spend days in the john, but I haven’t had to yet."
(July 14, 2009, Today at Work)

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