Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Jack Kevorkian of houseplants

"Every plant I touch winds up dead. I’m the Jack Kervorkian of houseplants. I’m equally deadly to outdoor plants but outdoor plants have a distinct advantage in that sometimes Mother Nature steps in and gives them a fighting chance. All that being said, I love to cook and have always had this (insane) idea that I need to start an herb garden. Nothing fancy, just the basics. I have two additional things working against me – I live in a Northern climate and I have two cats that I swear have pica. Really it’s just the older one, but I think he’s teaching the new kitten to eat non-food things. Like velcro. :: stare :: So I need something that will fit on a windowsill."
(March 15, 2009, Frick on a Stick)

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