Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Clint Eastwood of shoe-throwers

"After some pre-show footage shows Eddie and his entourage preparing for their show, the concert begins with a musical number before Murphy walks out onto the stage in a red leather two piece suit. He wastes no time poking fun at homosexuals and doing some pretty off the wall impersonations of what it would be like it Mr. T and the Honeymooners were too 'pitch for the other team.' From there he moves on to some fantastic impersonations of James Brown, Elvis Presley, and Stevie Wonder before discussing the joys of bathing with your brother, a G.I. Joe toy and a big brown shark. Murphy talks about what it's like to be a poor kid and to not have any ice cream when the ice cream truck rolls around, what it was like growing up with the Clint Eastwood of shoe-throwers for a mother and the joys of playing the fart game, a tradition passed on from one generation of men to the next."
(May 31, 2009, Ian Jane, DVD Talk)

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