Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Ron Howard of lethal critters

"But let’s face it, their fate was already in my hands. Or in my mouth. Whichever I feel like. News flash, kids: Their fate? Still in this slick paw o’ mine. Luckily, the fifth best thing I’m known for, after the killing, persuasiveness, ability and will to please (uh, showmanship?) and frech cuisine, of course, is magnamity. I am the Ron Howard of lethal critters. I’m the nicest Tiger you’d ever meet, and that’s saying something, because most Tigers would just cut you down with a smile. Oh, I’m adorable. I’ll play with a pallet of yarn and coo and get you wrapped around my little finger. Until I want to eat you."
(March 10, 2010, Zack Gets Down)

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