Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Cee Lo of the Gospel

"Thanks for responding. I understand, yet my original question Who determines what is profanity?! I have read an acronym once for where the f word originated from. I won’t post it because I respect this man of God (Pastor Lewis) page. However, if the acronym is true, then somewhere along the line it was perverted. Please understand I am not defending the speaker by any means. I just think at times we are quick to call things evil , profane, worldly without truly taking a look at it. Honestly, he (the speaker) may not realize that he is wrong. BUT, if he is indeed attempting to be the CEE-LO of the Gospel, then yeah I think there is some carnality in his preaching. But, if he has good intentions and is truly attempting to reach the people, I get it. Just my opinion though."
(March 23, 2011, Welcome to Ex Times)

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