Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Pierce Brosnan of gargoyles

"Duncan came to live in my garden in 2005. He’s a tall elegant Griffin. He is highly intelligent – not street smart, dashingly good looking, arrogant, shrewd, charming, conceited, self-centred, witty not funny and impatient. He is a ceaseless gossip but can be kind and caring to the few whom he deems to be worthy of his attention. He has a soft spot for Arthur but always hedges his bets around Roger. Duncan is thorough, thoughtful, capable of organizing great amounts of information and paying attention to every detail. He is a tireless pursuer of the ladies but not interested in clinging commitments. He never does the dirty work himself, preferring to wash his paws of the mundane. Duncan is to be trusted cautiously, if at all. He will honour a debt. He is definitely the Pierce Brosnan of gargoyles."
(July 3, 2011, Martha T. Steele, Real Estate Bits)

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