Saturday, March 21, 2009

The R2D2 of ropes

"The R2D2 of ropes
So I had to go GA for a final fitting for my Honda...
Dawson, Caitlin and I get about 30 minutes down the road and my van has a heart attack. We obtained a large crack in the radiator and lost all water in a very short time, so insta-over heatage. Blew the head gasket and probably more damage. My dad had to tow my full size conversion van with a 6 cylinder Ranger running on 5 cylinders, but it worked! Dawson has never been pulled before (no power steering or brakes), so that was fun. We ran over the rope 3 times and thought it was gonna snap every time, but it held true! Just like Vanamus used to do *tear*"
(Dec. 13, 2006, Livejournal)

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