Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dirty Harry of the Health Department

"Certainly, RB, although I wear many hats. Medically, I'm an EMT ... but my primary job is in the emergency preparedness division of a local health department. (I'm trained to a higher level than EMT, but since much of what I do is administrative these days, I don't have time to maintain my higher-level license.) I actually got sort of dragged into emergency preparedness when my city became part of the original "domestic preparedness" planning back in the 90's, because the program I run was the only one in the HD with the requisite field emergency response background (which, with some pretty interesting supplemental training through DoD, covered the chem/incendiary/explosive part) AND background in acute communicable disease investigation and response (which covered the bio part). I love my job. We're sort of the Dirty Harry of the Health Department here. ;-)"
(April 12, 2009, Evolution of Security)

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