Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Karl Rove of Fantasy Island

"Let’s start with Richard. For eternity, we’ve dubbed Richard, the Leader of his Band of Merry Men. If anything, he has seniority on his side. Eons on this orb aught to grant one some modicum of respect. But, that bug-eyed bastard Ben cast aspersions on General Guyliner by asserting that Richard is more of an Advisor – sort of the Karl Rove of Fantasy Island. But – advisor to who? At one point, it was likely to Charles Widemore and Eloise – hence his snub of the two when he snapped, 'I don’t answer to them'. We know he’s been there a very long time so essentially he is the ambassador of the island, bridging the gap between the indigenous forces/entities on the island and Widemore’s rag-tag band of brothers. But, Ben calls him an advisor in the current climate. Given what we know about Jacob, I’m not 100% convinced he is the Leader (I’ll get to that in a moment). So, who is Richard an Advisor to? Anyone who picks up the mantle of the island! Or more specifically, that person the island chooses as its Leader – which I’ve mentioned before, is a clear correlation to the process in which the Dali Lama is chosen. More to come, I’m sure."
(May 8, 2009, The Ed Zone)

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