Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Snooki of the British aristocracy

"With her booze-sniffing SCRAM anklet foiling alcohol ingestion, Lindsay Lohan 'has turned to caffeine for her latest kicks', slamming eight cans of Red Bull a day and chainsmoking cigarettes, tweeting 'red bulls and waters and work – my new bffs hehe'. LiLo’s other BFF is British reality flameout Lady Victoria Hervey (LaVi?) who will appear on season 2 of tragic Tinsley Mortimer vehicle High Society, with whom LiLo sunbathed over Memorial Day weekend. Basically, LiLo’s new best friend is the Snooki of the British aristocracy, and Lindsay will soon be the J-Woww of Hollywood. (If she isn’t already?)"
(June 2, 2010, Maureen O'Connor, Defamer)

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