Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Diane Lane of mall art gallery cashiers

"WOMEN...actually, this only happened once, but I thought that if I just put 'WOMAN' for this heading, I'd sound like Animal from 'The Muppets'. So when I was in college, there was an art gallery at the local mall(because that's the OBVIOUS place for a fine art gallery). And one day I was at the mall by myself, and wandered in there to look around. As I turned to leave, I saw her. And she was magnificent. Striking. Stunning. I'll put it this way....if Diane Lane was wearing 1994 clothing, and working in an art gallery in a mall, this would have been comparable. This girl was the Diane Lane of mall art gallery cashiers."
(June 5, 2008, Min Mith Jesus)

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