Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Richard III of fictional police officers

"Iles primarily seems intent on preserving the criminal status quo and protecting a young prostitute whom he patronizes. 'Pay Days' is filled with intrigues, shifting loyalties and action. However, it is the droll, offbeat dialogue and extraordinary characterizations that make this novel stand out. The Machiavellian Iles -- the Richard III of fictional police officers -- is a remarkable person to watch and hear. Iles despises most people, 'many for being undifferent from themselves.' He spends much of the novel protecting and undermining his own superior, Chief Lane, whom he praises in oxymoron: 'His soul I prize and his future I know will be hallowed and banal.’ Iles teeters on the edge of violence, culminating in a fine performance on the occasion of a fellow officer’s funeral."
(Aug. 24, 2010, Doug Levin, Levin at Large)

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