Monday, December 20, 2010

The Dexter of Who-ville

"When the heat becomes unbearable and you’re stuck in traffic listening to Jazz 91.9 FM (the jazz of the city!), just yank on the handy cord and the bag will release a freezing wintry mix on your head and the heads of your passengers. Just like if you teleported to the North Pole for a second. Or a snowman teleported into your car, but he’s dying. As you can see above, I’ve illustrated the car with drops of water and ice raining down on the interior of the car, but it looks more like the Who-ville cops have located our serial killing Who and are about to ram him with their car. Maybe he’s like the Dexter of Who-ville. Look out, ethical murderer Who! They found the bodies you hid at the base of Mount Crumpit!"
(Aug. 27, 2019, Jason Mallory, Scene Missing)

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