Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Pillsbury Doughboy of political promiscuity

"I don’t claim infallibility, and a good thing too, because when it comes to bad calls, I’ve made some beauts, to paraphrase Mayor Jimmy Walker. The most recent was when someone on Twitter summoned the possibility of Newt Gingrich resurging in the Republican primaries and I tweeted a terse 'No.' To me it was beyond the realm of possibility, just another gaseous emission from the punditry (which is craving a horse race). How wrong I was. On this crisp Monday morning in December, the Pillsbury Doughboy of political promiscuity is enjoying the 'big mo' while Mitt Romney is getting the blinky look of once-grinny confidence caving into panic."
(Dec. 13, 2011, James Wolcott, Vanity Fair)

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