Friday, June 22, 2012

The Jackie Chan of beetle murder

"We moved rooms the next day and it turns out that I had the buggiest spot in the whole hotel.  Though they didn’t go away.   One morning, I had 5 beetles in one shoe and a grasshopper in the other.  Once, I put on a shirt without careful inspection and found out that I was sharing it.  We got more accostumed to the fellow hotel guests.  At first, I was my normal gentle self, not wanting to kill things.  After a few days, I was the Jackie Chan of beetle murder.  Swift.  Using anything as a weapon: shoes, bars of soap, Kindles, condiment bottles.  I grew familiar with the satisfying crunch of exoskeleton that meant that it was dead.  Sounds brutal and unlike me, but you’d have to be there to understand."
(April 24, 2012,  A Peru-tiful Life)

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