Monday, December 29, 2008

The Mae West of fowl

"I miss Butterball Turkeys. I never had a dry turkey baking them in my days back in the States. I loved cutting into the breast and seeing juices flow, even if those juices weren’t there naturally. I read an article recently about a French chef who wasn’t happy with turkey on the menu. He said for the turkey legs to be well done, the breast meat would end up dry so he cooked them separately chopping up the leg meat and incorporating it into a separate dish and then searing the breast before finishing cooking it on a rotisserie. He still wasn’t happy with it at the end. I guess turkey is the Mae West of fowl, a little too top heavy."
(Nov. 21, 2005, Frenchless in France)


  1. Couldn't find a submit link, but here's one by Soren Ragsdale:
    He created the Red Meat Constructor Set" where users can create their own Red Meat comic strips: