Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Dirk Diggler of shaving tools

"Here are 3 Schick Razors that will require some TLC. One is the Heralded Schick Krona, 'The Dirk Diggler of Shaving Tools', the next 2 are Schick Injectors that have rusty blades still in them. I won't be using any of these so I thought I would offer them to someone who would restore them for use. My intention is to provide them to somone who is willing to restore them and give them a try. If you can't use them I simply ask that you pass them along to someone who can. No charge..Nada...Zilch...CONUSA only due to me picking up the shipping tab.PM me."
(May 14, 2007, Badger & Blade)

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