Monday, April 5, 2010

The Strawberry Shortcake of university presidents

"Throw my hat in the ring as a big fan all things axe. I was at that cincinnati bowtie reception and can say without a doubt that the axe was worthy. And I agree, donkey punch after donkey punch, Axworthy just grins, clenches and takes it like Tony Danza - "who's the boss"- obviously the axe man! At his public speeches there is no doubt he is as fine an oralist as any other. While others decried the so called "axe holes" on Portage, I applauded his vision as the final climax in a long list of Liberal triumphs - this hole was a vision - one of sheer glory. I am tired of seeing him painted by left leaning elitists as the Strawberry Shortcake of University presidents. No, his is a grander vision. Like the proverbial Boston Pancake, Axworthy flattens the excrement that comes his way, like a champ! Go Axe. We are literally behind you all the way!!"
(Nov. 30, 2009, Winnipeg Free Press)

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