Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Bert and Ernie of female singer-songwriters

"12. ani difranco - not a pretty girl
holy. raw. fucking. woman power.

13. tori amos - little earthquakes/ boys for pele
the albums are a package deal. first ani, then tori. the two are really like the bert and ernie of female singer-songwriters. like chocolate and peanut butter, bacon and eggs, rice and beans... they go together. i remember the first time i listened to boys for pele. i couldn't get through it. while listening to 'blood roses' i had a panic attack. (sign of a good album, for sure) i put it away and never touched it for another year. sure am glad i had the courage to bring it back into rotation."
(May 28, 2009, Chantilly, Musical Whimsy)

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