Friday, September 17, 2010

The David Mamet of Top Chef

"Things go along much as they have for the last episodes. Amanda runs screaming and bewildered around the kitchen, beset by technical difficulties—or more accurately, plagued by her misuse of common kitchen machinery and blaming it on the machines. (No wonder someday they will rebel.) Kenny reiterates his beastliness. The eyebrows of Ed Cotton and the eyebrows of Kevin of New Jersey/Philly/New York get into a wriggling fight until they collapse into a furrowed brow of exhaustion. The only difference—and it is not really all that different—is Angelo Sosa's increased assistance to competitors like Bobby from King of the Hill he deems weak. Sosa is the David Mamet of Top Chef, a constantly scheming con man fueled by ambition and blind rage that he was made a cuckold by the unbearably smug Queens native Eddie Cotton."
(July 22, 2010, Joshua David Stein, Gawker)

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