Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pepe Le Pew of the pagan gods

"And Odin may be a Cyclops, but he can see the future, something Zeus definitely cannot do. Zeus clearly has an inferiority complex which is why he is the Pepe Le Pew of the pagan gods. On top of everything, Merlin and Gandalf, two of the most powerful characters in all of literature, were based upon Odin. Zeus has nothing to match that legacy."
(Feb. 21, 2010, Jimmy Goodrich,

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  1. well remember that discussing mythical characters there is a ritual and religion behind it. Zeus did not evolve independently from the mind of Homer, so evaluating him as a literary character is senseless. Most likely what is going on is the spread of pan-Hellenism through all the cults at the time. But we worship the Goddess X! Well what you don't understand is that she was actually a queen and was Zeus' lover. But we worship the God Y! We're sure you do, but he is actually the son of our God Zeus, so just worship both now.