Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Tommy Lee of the varmint world

"For a while, tats had earned a new reputation as mainstream America embraced them as forms of personal expression. But quickly the tide is retreating because people who are being celebrated in the media are people like that idiotic dude covered in tats, pierces, wearing all black and vulgarity spewing every time he opens his mouth while he tries to catch some wild animal. He's like the Tommy Lee of the varmint world. Another example of this downward trend is that in-your-face tats are all the rage on competition cooking shows, like Top Chef. Top chef is so full of gay & lesbian chefs and chefs covered with 'badass' tats and piercings that they have become a distraction. A character or two with tats, or a character with a few tats? I can still in. But enough IS enough. Too many tats, piercings and angry, foul-mouthed outbursts and I'm out."
(May 24, 2010, Slashfood)

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