Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Kevin Nealon of subliminal sexual innuendo

"I tell you this, I wished I had known this face that’s always on the right side of my space flogginSnorgtees in my pre-married years. I seriously doubt a face like that would have ever allowed me into her space, but you can always dream. You catch that? I nude you wood. Whoever came up with the idea of trading faces to all kinds of different spaces is the Larry Flynt of cyber socializing – like Larry, someone took a lot of faces and showed their spaces. There it was again. I’m the Kevin Nealon of subliminal sexual innuendo. If you don’t get it, there is no need to jump out the window. So, I guess my face enjoys sharing space with other faces, because I seem to devote a lot of time to my space. Once you get started, collecting faces for your space is more addictive than masturbating. Seriously, who has only done it once?"
(Nov. 10, 2009, Jeremy Smith, This is Why it Sucks)

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